A Novel Inspiration

Today I want to share with you a song and accompanying YouTube video that have moved me beyond words – so much so, that they feature in my novel (which is still in progress).

Here is my novel’s final page:

A note from the author

As I wrote this novel, I listened many times to Kate Bush’s song Among Angels, from the album 50 Words For Snow. If you do a search on YouTube you will find the song set to a short animated film called Father and Daughter, by Dutch film maker Michael Dudok de Wit. My words may be the flesh and bones of this novel, but the song and film are its heart and soul.

I won’t say much more for now…but keep tuning in for novel updates. I’m revising and redrafting now, which is taking longer than actually writing the damn thing, but that’s probably as it should be. It would be such a shame to do a half-baked job on a project that means so very much to me.

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