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Who knew Instagram could be such a useful platform for a writer/editor?

For a long time I discounted it, thinking that I was a words and ideas person, not a pictures person. But eventually, with the help of my daughter, I succumbed. And I’ve been surprised at how useful and interesting it has been.

I mostly post quotes and images about writing and proofreading (surprise, surprise), and I find that people respond well to these. Maybe it has something to do with “seeing” (in the fullest sense) words on the page (well, screen), rather than just reading them: the filters, the colours, the shape of the phrases, the font, the way the words are artistically arranged…all these things can enhance language so it becomes a visual linguistic feast.

Of course, me being me, I also post pictures and images and memes that strike me as particularly funny..and I take a few pictures of myself here and there. But it is primarily a work tool. My account is public and it shows my business website address, so I am hoping that it may, in some small way, increase the traffic to my site. If not, at least it offers a visual exploration of my passions: words and language and stories.

Follow me, then: bellbirdwords (The Bellbird).

I’ll see you there.

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