A trio of poems

In honour of World Poetry Day (which was actually yesterday), I thought I would re-publish three of my own poems – poems that are dear to me in very different ways. The first I wrote for my daughter, the most precious thing in my life. It tries to capture those moments in the wee small hours […]

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Show Business for Shy People

Lee Child once said that “writing is show business for shy people”. This quote resonates with me, particularly at the moment, as I am performing in The Phantom of the Opera at the famous Civic Theatre in Auckland. I’ve been doing musical theatre for many years, but a year or two ago I pulled back from […]

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A Fragile Place

Happy Christmas Eve. (It’s the 24th here in NZ.) Having only launched my blog in August, I’m still a relative newbie and I haven’t yet built up a significant following. But I want to thank everyone who has read, Liked or Followed so far. It means a lot to me that people are reading and appreciating my […]

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